The Rogationist College League of Industrial Technology and Engineering Students (RCLITES) is an organization of students from Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (Automotive and Mechanical. The primary objective of this organization is to protect and uplift the welfare of the engineering and industrial technology students inside the campus. The Organization shall promote unity, understanding. brotherhood and, harmony along the members and the student of the school

Moderator:Mr. Jonathan R. Casilla

Supreme Student Council (SSC)

(SSC) primarily focuses on governing the students, specifically those who are under the College and TED Departments. It is a group or an organization which is composed of individuals who are trusted by the students with their votes. Every year, they have different programs to show or present to the students. It is composed of Christmas Party, Celestial Party, Sportsfest and other programs which students enjoy the most. These trustworthy officers or students are changed every year to experience different set of individuals' skills yearly.

Moderator:Mr. Lexus Montenegro and Mr. Alejandro Musico

Young Educators Club (YEC)

Young Educators' Club (YEC) is an academic organization of aspiring educators studying in Rogationist College, Silang, Cavite. This organization aims to produce well-rounded, disciplined, and excellent students who will soon become professionals. YEC has been a success in becoming a training ground for the students in leading, cooperating, and engaging with other people. This proves that this organization does not only look into the academic aspects, but it also looks in a wider range on how to fully exercise, discover, and develop one's abilities and capabilities.

Moderator:Ms. Darleen Neva Jane Gener

Rogationist Computer Society (ROCS)

ROCS focuses on the Computer Studies Cluster of Rogationist College. It is an organization within the group and promotes camaraderie with each other. Programs such as General Assembly, Christmas Party and IT Awards are conducted yearly. Moreover, it is a group that is just beyond and does not hindrance year levels. This group promotes helping one another in terms of database management, technical writing, fixing bugs, and specifically, coding or developing a system.

Moderator:Mr. Crisanto Pachejo and Mrs. Vicky Vicedo

Sports Club

On behalf of the Office for Student Affairs, we welcome you to Rogationist College Sports Club. Sooner you become acquainted with the RC sports program - our activities and responsibilities. As Sports Club members, we promote holistic personal development by giving importance especially to our physical HEALTH. Our goal therefore, is to render to all the members of the college community an awareness of the sports ideals through their active participation in different programs. Further, we want the students of RC to graduate not only as highly knowledgeable but physically fit and healthy, disciplined and determined toward success.

Moderator:Mr. Jeffrey Dela Cruz

RCians Publication

RCians Publication is a student publication dedicated to the formation of socially-conscious college students through reporting timely local and national news, and expressing opinions on matters concerning the youth.

Moderator:Ms. Darleen Neva Jane Gener

Hard Court Movers

Hard Court Movers is an organization that is composed of great, unique, and passionate dancers. This organization brings out the best in each individual that believes dancing is to express, and not to impress. Aside from dancing, Hard Court Movers' members also present different kinds of performances, since they believe that they can help each other in enhancing the skills and capabilities of each and everyone Hard Court Movers. therefore is an organization that is flexible and is open for every individual that wishes to perform in front of either a small or big crowd.

Moderator:Mr. Crisanto Pachejo and Ms. Danica Rose Gegantoca

Glee Club/ Teatro Rogasyonista

Glee Club / Teatro Rogasyonista is a student-led show-choir and theater where everyone is welcomed to sing, dance, act, or play instruments. Mostly they are the ones who perform at the events and this also helps the student to develop their skills and talents in the form of music and arts.

Moderator:Mr. Alejandro Musico

College Ergates

Under the Campus Ministry Office (CMO): ERGATES is the formation of students grouped in different ministries to share the overflowing love of God through their passion and talents and as a way to aid the Spiritual Formation of each RCian. Ministries: Music Ministry, Ministry of the Word, Ministry of Altar Servers and Ministry of Charity

Moderator:Mr. Don Deo Alegre


RC-EcoAction exists to inspire our home, our school, and our country to love our environment the way we love ourselves. Join us, and let's make this planet a habitable home for us and the next generations.

Moderator:Mr. Richard Vergara