Rogationist College commits itself to:

  • Form its members toward love of God and neighbor, patriotism, integrity and excellence;
  • Offer a balanced and technically-oriented curriculum, as well as excellent instruction, learning environment and facilities;
  • Prepare well-rounded graduates who are agents of social growth and transformation; and
  • Promote a culture of vocation and good workers who, like Saint Hannibal, will be espousing the cause of the poor especially the children.


Rogationist College is a prime Catholic educational community dedicated to the formation of culturally competent and socially responsible persons driven by the ideals of Saint Hannibal Mary Di Francia.

History of St. Anthony’s Boys village and Rogationist College

Like any family or community, Rogationist College (RC) has a rich historical heritage, which every RC student should be proud of. To appreciate more deeply the roots of an RC community, an overview of the history of the congregation of the Rogationists, and more particularly that of RC, is presented here. more...


The official RC logo represents man's total human and Christian formation. The three Latin term Fides, Sapienta and Virtus stand for Faith, Wisdom and Virtue, which are indicate of the three pillars (Religion, Reason, and Love) upon which the Rogationist College System of Education rests. The cross represents Christ, the living Foundation of the whole Rogationist educational community. The four vertical columns sustaining the cross signify the four core values (Love of God and Neighbor, Patriotism, Integrity and Excellence) anchored on the rogationist educational philosophy. more...

Guiding Philosophy

The Rogationist College (RC) in St. Anthony’s Boys Village in Silang, Cavite is a Catholic co-educational community committed to the formation of the whole human person. RC, in its mission to help the youth, bases its educative system on a philosophy of education which is attentive to the instances of human life. It is both personalistic and vocational in nature. RC forms its students to the proper understanding and dynamics of self. This process brings them to a serene enjoyment of life according to the dictum of responsible acting and sharing. more...

RC Hymn

RC Dear, our Alma Mater hear, RC dear receive our pledge to thee. We proclaim your name here and everywhere, standing firm, holding firm, always firm in the faith you hailed. RC dear, our alma mater hear, RC dear we raise our hearts to thee, As we march through life, you will be our light, sharing faith, sharing hope, sharing love to our lowly ones. We uphold your spirit, shielded by your given wisdom and by the knowledge we have earned, praying always being true to the name we hold. RC dear, our Alma Mater hear, RC dear we make our vows to thee, every where we go, we will shout aloud, We were yours, we are yours, we'll be yours till the end of time.